Data Analyst Intern

I work for the Student Affairs office at UC Berkeley as a Data Analyst Intern. My job involves interacting with clients who usually do not have technical backgrounds. Clients come to me with issues or questions they want to solve with the use of data, and my task is to develop a strategy as to how we could approach this and communicate the technological availability and limitations. Working with a team of five others, I have the opportunity to lead projects for various different clients. Many times throughout my summer, I took the self-appointed role of project manager, to make sure the clients and interns have projects and make sure the progress runs smoothly. I used my concrete understanding of the data available and visualizing software (Tableau) to give feedback to these clients on their ideas. Such projects strengthened my ability to predict what a user or client is asking for without he or she explicitly telling me. As a data analyst I came to realize that data security is very important in the current industry, and thus I learned all the standard security measures and levels that are currently used.

In terms of technical tasks at this internship, I worked on data cleansing, database extraction, project documentation, and spreadsheet tool setup. We all used mainly Python (Pandas) for the data cleansing and extraction. With the limited resources and security limitations our team was still able to create live feeds for published dashboards through the use of API's and spreadsheet manipulation. Additionally, I created mathematical models on excel to project several metrics for executives. This job taught me the importance of communication in the workplace and task management among other things.

Berkeley, CA

Student Project Coordinator

As the Student Project Coordinator I had the opportunity to join a high-performing team of professional staff to solve problems and improve processes currently affecting the Student Affairs Division and the UC Berkeley campus. I examine various operations and business processes in order to assess efficiency and diagnose bottlenecks, obstacles, or other inefficiencies. In addition, I developed and conduct group processes within the department in order to surface and document operating procedures. Collaboration with peers and other professionals in the Division has been essential to my success as the Student Project Coordinator. I received a Divisional SPOT Award from the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs for my contributions to the university.

Berkeley, CA

Co-Founder of Sweasy Receipts

I worked in an international team in Italy to create a tech company from scratch in three weeks, an experience that exposed me to a fast paced development environment. We had to complete a prototype of our product in one week in which we had to consider the needs of the user and went through several drafts as we got new data and suggestions from mentors. Sweasy provides you an easy paper-free process to have a safe and organized place to store all your receipts digitally. Therefore our customers will be able to do returns, expense claims and warranty transactions anytime and anywhere they want. No more receipts lost, no more exchanges declined. All receipts safely stored on the phone, just one click away. Our team made it to the final round of the extreme accelerator, getting many praises from mentors and investors.

Turin, Italy Turin, Italy